Get MORE out of your commute

Who wouldn’t love an extra hour in the day? Switching to the bus can let you use your travel time to do… well all sorts.

Plan your commute

It’s easy to catch the bus to and from work, even if you’ve never used one before or haven’t hopped on board since you were a child. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Find your route

Head to and enter your home and work postcodes. This will show you which number bus you need, what time to catch it, and where your nearest bus stops are. It will even include the estimated walk time at each end, so you’ll know the full journey time.

Step 2

Pick your ticket

Most single bus journeys are currently capped at £2, no matter how far you travel. If you’re using one bus each way, this will almost certainly be the best value option for you.

You can buy single tickets from the driver with contactless or cash.

If you need to catch more than four buses in a day, or more than 10 in seven days, then you could be better off with a daily or weekly ticket. Find out more below.

Step 3

Enjoy the ride

When your bus approaches, hold out your arm so the driver knows to stop for you.

Take your seat and make the most of someone else doing the driving. Tick some items off your to-do list, or just relax - the choice is yours.

As you approach your destination, ring the bell so the driver knows you want to get off, then you can stay in your seat until the bus stops moving.

Around half a million bus journeys are made in Derbyshire each week and our area was top 10 for passenger satisfaction in the national Transport Focus survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are travel Derbyshire

We’re Travel Derbyshire, the partnership coordinating bus travel across our county, made up of bus operators, Derbyshire County Council and other key stakeholders.

We work together to improve bus travel and make it easier for you to get where you need to go. Our partnership is formed of people who live and work in Derbyshire, so we understand public transport at a local level and are passionate about the role it can play in our region.

A £47 million programme of improvements to bus infrastructure, services and tickets has been underway since 2022, thanks to funding won by Derbyshire County Council.

If you need customer support in relation to a specific bus service, please contact the company that operates it directly. Click on their logo to find out how to contact them.

In the past year, we’ve improved the routes and timetables of more than 20 bus services in Derbyshire.